Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Late night ponderings

Taking another break from all this code. Bleeeeeeeeeeh. <---I say that alot, don't I? [-_____-]
So I'm trying to decide whether I want to wake up at 6:30 for an hour of work before class or 7:30am and just go straight to class....hmmmm...This week is a short week (because of Thanksgiving!) so I have to try to cram in 20 hours of work in the three weekdays prior to Thanksgiving before/between/after classes...I worked 8 hours yesterday, planning on 4-5 tomorrow and 7-8 on Wednesday (depending on how many hours I work tomorrow). Hmmmm...I'm thinking that with the way this ICS project is going, I may just go to sleep for a couple hours and wake up at 7:30 for class. haha [^___^;;]
BUT! I just have to get through this project and I'm home-free for the rest of the week to make jewelry (plenty of orders to catch up on & "craft fair" coming up!)
siiiigh I guess it's time for me to get back to the code. Gnight all!


Yup, tooootally ended up not even going to sleep. lol.
But for some reason, I feel fine. That coffee must've been pretty strong.
I'm sitting in ICS class right now...luckily I finished my project in time (woot!) and now we're learning GUI. Pretty interesting, must more interesting than arrays and superclasses, that's for sure. :P

I've been considering starting up my Blogger again...well, I never really shut it down (obviously, since I'm writing on it now [^__^;;], but I don't use it much anymore... :/ I've gone from being an everyday blogger to....a sporadic blogger...<---not happy :(
I've been inspired to start up lately because I found an old blogger that I used to know in high school. I had thought she had closed down her blog for good, but turns out she started blogging again. So I feel like I should stop being so lazy. lol.
I'm hoping to get back to blogging the usual stuff (daily stuff, hauls, the occasional reviews...) as well as more 'Hawaii'-related posts as well as (of course!) my jewelry! Yaa!
But with this crazy holiday time coming soon, things are going to be hectic, so hopefully I'll get back into the swing of blogging by the end of the year :D Heeey! It could be my New Year's Resolution....tabun...

⌈ 終わり ⌋

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Monday, November 19, 2012

school shmool

I've come to the realization that since graduating university with my BA last year...I no longer take school seriously. Especially since I'm not actually paying for it. :/ I wish I could get serious about school again but with making plans for AFTER I'm pau with this cert AND jewelry-making distracting me....there isn't much hope of that. [-____-;;] I probably shouldn't have come back to school in the first place....although...I am quite excited about my classes next semester XD

But....in the here and now.... [-_________________-]

Damn you ICS project....3 pages of INSTRUCTIONS = 10+ pages of code. fml.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

YumeJewelry is going to Switzerland!

YumeJewelry got its first order to Switzerland today!

This tiny size 1 Single Heart toe ring is the lucky piece that will get to travel all the way to Switzerland! Wish I was going with it! Maybe one day I'll travel out to all of Europe! :)

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