Wednesday, March 25, 2009


UPDATED 03/16/2015

Here's another list...You could say that it's a fraction of my Bucket List.

Ambitions for life:
  1. Become fluent in Japanese.
  2. Buy a car/truck of my very own. (2009)
  3. Become a proud homeowner.
  4. Become a high school Japanese language teacher. (Removed)
  5. Come back to Japan to travel with friends.
  6. Learn how to snowboard.
  7. Go to the annual Yokohama Hawaii Festival (July).
  8. Go on a cruise.
  9. Positively influence/change someone's life.
  10. Go to a Linkin Park/Back-On/Flumpool concert.
  11. Learn Chinese.
  12. Learn Korean.
  13. Own a nice Nikon DSLR. (Briefly--now I have a Nikon J3)
  14. Own a streetbike.
  15. Become an "official" amateur film creator/video-editor.
  16. Make a great life for my future family.
  17. Own a small business. <--and create my own website for this business. :) (10/11/12)
  18. Own the world's greatest collection of HDDs :P jk on this one. haha.
  19. Have a great life with no regrets and lots of love, family, and friends. :) (Always!)